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Garage Sale Blues

22 May 2010

Garage sales are an unsure way of getting good merchandise for resale.  I score a certain amount of treasure but lately it’s been hit and miss, mostly miss. The fuel costs will eat you alive.  When I find that I can’t stand looking at another stack of baby clothes or box of used lawnmower parts I head for a more centralized collection of quality junk.  A flea market would be great.  Once upon a time I had a Sunday routine that included about a dozen markets in central Pennsylvania.  I had three regular stops and rotated the others from Sunday to Sunday.

Port Angeles, Washington has no flea markets or swap meets.  There are a few shops and several antique malls.  That is where I went today after coming down with a case of Garage Sale Blues that just made me want to cry.

I needed a quick fix of preselected merch absent the worn household items or new kitsch that wasn’t worth regifting come this Christmas.  I stopped in at a small shop on First Street called The Mousetrap.  There I found a few items worth chancing on the rocky world of eBay.  On a rack holding various books were several aviation related titles, right up my alley.  There is no market in old approach plate manuals unless they belonged to Lindbergh himself. The gem is a WWII era book from the Memphis Tennessee Naval Air Technical training Center. It has lots of nice pictures and should excite some interest.

There were some almost worth it items I wasn’t ready to part with cash for.  I picked out several nice old postcards.  You’d be surprised, good historical interest and plenty of nostalgia value.  The shopkeeper threw them in for free.  Fifteen bucks lighter I felt more like I was back in the old game.  Now I have to see that they get posted for Sunday prime time 6:00 pm.  Then we’ll see how effective an antidote they are for the blues.

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