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Reeling Them In

16 April 2010

Silk Fly Fishing Line Winding Up Tighter

Encouragement is very effective medicine.  There is nothing like simply doing well to raise a person’s spirits.  My last post mentioned a Hardy silk fly line that I posted in auction format on eBay.  it feels good to be back in the saddle.

I am truly pleased at how this auction is going so far.  I currently have 2 bids with the current one at $102.50.  There are 16 people watching and 148 views.  I can’t remember when I last had such an awesome response.  I hope it’s a good sign for eBay.  One of the things helping out with traffic to the auction is how some fishing collectibles picked up on it and featured it on their website.  excellent free advertising.

Going Global is Good

There has been inquiries from two potential bidders on this item asking about foreign shipping rates.  One from Austalia and the other from Hong Kong.  Every eBay item should attract so much attention.    Ultimately it is about real value which is inherent in the craftsmanship of the merchandise.

Check in on Sunday at 5:00 Pacific time to see the outcome.  even though I am surprised to have seen this much interest so early in the week the real action usually happens in the last minutes or even seconds.

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